Natural methods of vine cultivation, traditional methods in wine producing and confidence in the power of nature led us to the wines called Kristančič.

Wines are carefully cultivated, matured in stainless tanks, very harmonious, pleasantly fresh and with an elegant finish. After the fermentation the wine matures in stainless tanks on the fine yeast. This makes them complex, rich, elegant and pleasant. Kristancic line expresses freshness, complex variety of aromas and elegant body. 


Rebula is considered an autochthonous variety of Goriška Brda. Straw-yellow wine with greenish hues. The bouquet is clean and elegant, reminiscent of citrus, peaches and tropical fruits. It expresses freshness, liveliness and has an extremely pronounced fruitiness. A short maturation on yeasts contributes to its elegance and complexity. Kristančič Rebula is a wine with nicely balanced acids, slightly mineral notes and a clean aftertaste. Definitely a wine that carries the pride, tradition and charm of the Goriška Brda land.

Awards: Rebula 2016 / Gold Medal at the 43rd National Wine Evaluation, Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona 2017

We offer it chilled to 10-12 ˚C. We recommend it with jota soup, egg omelette with seasonal herbs, roasted vegetables, grilled asparagus with bacon, Soča trout.

Vintage currently on sale: 2022


Chardonnay has a medium highlighted golden yellow color with straw shades. The bouquet is intense and complex, as befits this variety. The aromas of white flowers, apples and green fruits dominate. Over time, in addition to the pronounced fruitiness, woody and yeasty notes are also released. The wine develops nicely in the mouth, it is dry, fresh and harmonious. The harmony and long-lasting aftertaste testify to a pure and varietal-typical chardonnay.​​

Awards: Chardonnay 2013 / DWWA Silver Medal, Chardonnay 2011 / DWWA Bronze Medal, Chardonnay 2009 / DWWA Silver Medal, Chardonnay 2016 / silver medal at the 43rd National Wine Evaluation, Vino Slovenia Gornja Radgona 2017

We offer it chilled to 10-12 ˚C. We recommend it with baked polenta with local prosciutto and cheese, grilled turkey steak, egg omelette with prosciutto and fennel...

Vintage currently on sale: 2022

Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris has an intense golden-yellow color with pronounced orange shades. Its aspect alone promises a full body, while the bouquet drives the expectations to the world of ripe fruit and spring flowers. In the mix of aromas, pear combines with pineapple, lychee with green apple, apricot with red grapefruit; hawthorn and acacia can also be noticed, along with some herbs and flint in the background. In the mouth, the wine is fresh, with a nicely balanced alcohol and an emphasized fruity-floral character. The aftertaste is long, with a challenging hint of bitters that increase the drinkability of the wine.

Pinot Gris Kristančič goes well with fish, marinated trout or salmon, canapés with anchovies and olive spreads, scallops au gratin, risotto with zucchini flowers, beef soup with liver quenelles, egg salad, poultry and other types of white meat prepared in various ways and even with fruit desserts, especially the ones with cherries and strawberries.

​​Awards: Pinot Gris 2016 / Gold Medal at the 43rd National Wine Evaluation, Vino Slovenia Gornja Radgona 2017

We offer it chilled to 10-12 ˚C.

Vintage currently on sale: 2022


A golden yellow wine with slight greenish hues, clean and complex at the nose. At the beginning, fruity aromas develop, which, combined with the herbal ones, form a characteristic smell. The pleasant bouquet is reminiscent of elderberry, bell pepers and ripe stone fruit. In the mouth, the wine is full, with pleasant freshness and an accentuated fruity taste. Pleasantly lively and elegant Sauvignon with a long aftertaste. ​

We offer it chilled to 12 ˚C with herb egg omelette, fried elderflowers, grilled peppers, veal with capers.

Vintage currently on sale: 2021

Pinot Noir

The starting point for a Pinot Noir with character are healthy and ripe grapes. The wine is ruby red in color with slight copper hues. The distinct fruity aroma is reminiscent of berries, plums and cherries, with gentle background notes of wood and leather. In the mouth, it is rich and fruity, with a pleasant aftertaste of tannins, nicely rounded by the taste of the oak barrels in which the wine matured for a short time. A pleasant, full-bodied wine with the right amount of acidity to emphasize its variety.

We offer it chilled to 18˚C with dry meat cuts, bread with olives, roast pork, goat in sauce, Szegedin goulash.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020


Merlot is a soft, delicate wine with a fine taste, a full varietal characteristic aroma and a beautiful, deep crimson color. The bouquet is intense, rich and distinctly fruity, with notes of ripe red fruit, ripe black berries, and finally a pleasant, gentle smell of leather. In the mouth, the wine is smooth, rounded, full-bodied with a perception of gentle, ripe tannins. ​

Awards: Merlot 2012 / DWWA Gold Medal

We offer it chilled at 14-18˚C with cuts of dry meat, roast pork, potato gnocchi in venison sauce, roast lamb, soft white mould cheeses, beaked beans.

Vintage currently on sale: 2021

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a medium intense ruby red color with brick hues. On the nose, the aroma of small berries continues with the perception of ripe aromas of overripe blueberries and black cherries. On the palate it is structured, tannins and acids complement each other nicely, making this wine very harmonious.

We offer it at a room temperature of 18 °C. It goes perfectly with mature cheeses, fresh salami, sausages, goat and game.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020
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