Each morning, as the sun rises, Medana awake, a new day begins on our estate, just like it has for ages. Our work is forever urged on by the approaching dusk and the knowledge that each day is both, unique and crucial for the maturing of our wines, our estate and us.

We write our stories in wines, not in ink.
A short documentary film, which traces the passion and dedication required to produce premium wines from Medana. Enjoy watching it!

Commitment to nature

We believe that the key to producing excellent wines is to very carefully, almost obsessively observe the nature and to follow the cycle of life that never ceases to amaze us. This is our only guideline, our roadmap on which we boldly drew the course we believe in.

The symbol that binds us together

The peacock flaunting the myriad of colours in its tail is just one aspect of the nature's immense beauty, carrying within itself strength and purpose. Our wines are not just clear liquids of many colours, but are a rich, heady symphony of taste and aroma, produced by human ideas guiding eons of natural evolution.


​Kristančič Pavó Red, 2009

"This is A ground-breaking award for Slovenia: the country’s first-ever Regional Trophy for a red wine."

Our wines are the fruit of a lifetime of experience

Our wines are the product of hard work, years of experience and extensive knowledge. ​
There are six product lines: Pavó, Artwork, Kristančič, Cristatus, Curioso and White & Red.

While they are very different from each other, they also share the characteristics that make our wines so distinctive. This variety means that we are able to accommodate all enthusiasts, from those just starting out to experienced connoisseurs. All our wines are dry, young and fresh, yet they offer a full, harmonious mouth-feel, with just the right amount of acidity.

Time has been seeping into the gentle curves of our vineyards,
ever since our grandparents began working the soil.

A winemaker's story

When he was ready, Dušan took over the estate, which was initially used for vineyards, orchards, as well as for breeding animals.

His dedication and vision meant that soon the vast majority of the estate was dedicated to vineyards. It was that dedication and vision that lead him to establish his own brand in the 80s, a formidable effort in the erstwhile political environment, and in 1983, the Kristančič homestead was expanded with a new wine cellar, in which both wines and daring new ideas matured.

One of these daring ideas lead Dušan and five other winemakers from Medana to form an association called Brajda. Brajda (meaning vineyard in local dialect) was more than just an association, it was a vision of transforming Brda into what they are today: a unique area, a terroir in the most primeval sense of the word, dedicated to winemaking and producing excellent wines.

Chardonnay '92

It was in 1989, when we first bottled the wine ourselves, that the ideas took on a concrete form. Only a year later, our bottles were already displaying the now characteristic peacock design, and in 1991, the label received the prestigious Cordon d'Excellence award.

It only took us two more years to confirm yet again that we were on the right track. In 1993, at the 39th International winemaking fair in Ljubljana, our 1992 Chardonnay received the grand medal of honour and the title of champion - a first for independent winemakers. 

From then on, we write our stories not in ink, but in wine.

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