Pavó wines are outstanding wines, produced from carefully selected grapes of the oldest vineyard. 

Pavo wines show the character of Brda region, tradition and love for vineyards.
They are matured in the finest oak barrels and after bottling a few more months in the bottles.

The wines are balanced with a pleasant acidity and tannin structure, an outstanding structure and long aftertastes, which give the wine an interesting bite taste. Perfect balance between richness, harmony and elegance.

Pavó white

The yellow colour with gold fragrances indicates that the wine was matured in the finest wooden barrels. The aroma confirms the contact between wine and barrels. The bouquet is very delicate, elegant and expressive, from yeast to vanilla, caramel and well integrated oak notes. Acidity and tannins are nicely balanced and contribute to its character. The Chardonnay character is dominant, and fits nicely with Malvasia, which makes the wine wider and more elegant. Persistent and elegant wine, mature and youthful at the same time, with multi-layer aroma and exceptionally long aftertaste. Definitely a wine to surprise you and remember for a long time after tasting it.

AwardPavó White 2009 - Bronze medal DWWA

We offer it chilled to 16-18˚C. We recommend it with baked polenta with cheese and prosciutto, grilled turkey steak, cod...

Vintage currently on sale: 2021

Pavó red

The wine is a dark ruby colour with violet shades. The bouquet is intense, elegante and fruity (blackcurrant, chocolate, paper and oak). Fully-body wine, intense and bold, but not hot and robust. A tasty wine, rich in fruity tastes with a sweet tannin structure that leaves a long aftertaste. A great wine whose time is on its side. 

Awards: Pavo Red 2009 - Gold medal DWWA, Pavo Red 2009 - DWWA Regional Trophy, Pavo red 2007 - Bronze medal DWWA 

We offer it at a room temperature of 14-16 °C. It goes perfectly with fresh salami, sausages, goat and game, Florentine steak, grilled meat, aged hard cheese.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020

Pavó Chardonnay

The wine has a straw yellow colour with golden hues. The bouquet is intense, dominated by ripe yellow fruits, dried fruit, caramel, vanilla and a hint of white pepper. In the mouth, the wine is dry, bold, with ripe and balanced acids. The aftertaste of citrus fruits and dry orange peels is more than seductive and full of freshness. Pavó Chardonnay is a wine characterized with abundance of charge, structure and harmony.

Award: Chardonnay Pavo 2008 - Gold Medal DWWA

We offer it at a temperature of 14-18 °C. Ideal to pair with smoked trout and polenta, veal steak with mushrooms, prosciutto, Viennese steak, baked fish with potatoes.

Vintage currently on sale: 2021

Pavó Cabernet Sauvignon

Pavó Cabernet Sauvignon exudes strength and body. The deep color with shades of ruby red indicates its long maturation and complexity. Its ripeness is confirmed by the bouquet where black fruits, leather, smoke and tobacco can be detected. Extremely soft and rich taste, yet fresh and fruity at the same time. An elegant wine, with soft tannins and plenty of structure. ​​

We offer it chilled at 16-20 ˚C with dry meat cuts, kid in blueberry sauce, roasted lamb, venison, grilled meat, beefsteaks in spicy sauces.

Vintage currently on sale: 2021

Pavó Merlot

A serious wine, dark ruby in color and with a slightly lighter edge that successfully covers its age. It promises a full body and intense experience starting from its apperance. The bouquet is rich, reminiscent of dried black cherries, pencil case (ink), old tobacco, dark chocolate, warm spices (nuts, cinnamon, vanilla), plum jam. A full, but not heavy taste, with pleasant tannins and acidity that moderate the strength of the alcohol. Slightly spicy, mainly fruity, but with lots of additional spices and herbs, from anise to vanilla. A pleasant aftertaste, mostly fruity, reminiscent of blackcurrants and small red fruits.

The wine is a suitable accompaniment for dishes with tomatoes, including pizza with cheese fantasy, for spicy grilled vegetables, lasagna, pancakes with spinach and ragout, spicy chicken meat and feathered game, pork chops, the classic "ossobuco". As of mushrooms, it pairs best with morel and truffles like agaricus mushrooms and parasols. In general, it is not overly picky and can also be offered with medium-strong cow's and sheep's cheeses and dry meats.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020

Pavó Pinot Noir

Characterized by a translucent ruby color, with slight brick shades, the wine embodies a combination of aromas including ripe fruit, tobacco, wood and chocolate. A bouquet that inspires and conjures up a special experience. In the mouth, the wine is dry, with the right amount of acidity, soft tannins and refined elegance. The Pinot Noirs from the Primorska winegrowing region in Slovenia are generally more complex, but in our cellar we decided to upgrade the classic Pinot Noir with softness and tenderness. ​​

It goes well with lamb ribs in herb wrap, foal steak with herb butter, white mould cheeses.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020

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