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Rebula Artwork

A wine the color of old gold with copper tones, impeccably sparkling and full, oily body. The bouquet is rich, reminiscent of the scents of summer, balsamic, with a touch of exotic spices, especially vanilla and cinnamon as well as sweet caramel. In the mouth, powerful, explosive, warm, extremely mineral (salty), in perfect harmony of alcohol and acid with a pleasant tannic base that continues with a spicy note into a long aftertaste. Here we come across cooked and dried fruit, vanilla, roasted hazelnuts and other nuts, and above all, multifacetedness that brings new experiences with every sip.

The wine is a suitable accompaniment for pasta with a strong sauce (carbonara, porcini mushrooms, seafood), for sausage sauce with peas and polenta, various pâtés, spicy dishes with poultry or fish, liver, grilled blue fish, semi-hard cow cheeses, egg omlet with zucchini, rabbit in stew...

Vintage currently on sale: 2020

Red Artwork

A dense, dark red wine with purple hues and a hint of rich body. The bouquet is rich, with hints of ripe red fruit, especially ripe plums and blackberries, which are already turning into jam and pekmez. In the background, graphite, leather, pepper, vanilla, licorice root and forest undergrowth can be detected. All nicely rounded and waiting to be confirmed with the first sip. Convincing in the mouth, with bold tannins balanced by just the right alcohol level and saltiness. Notes of ripe fruit and jam create an illusion of sweetness, behind which stands the bold structure of an extremely multifaceted wine.

The wine is an ideal accompaniment to mature hard cheeses, spicy meat dishes such as beef Burgundy, spicy goulash or cheeks in their own juice, grilled and skewered dishes, as well as chocolate cakes and truffles.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020

Malvazija Artwork

With its color of straw and old gold, Malvasia Artwork deserves the title of amber wine from the first glance. Such a classification is supported by the slow creeping of wine bubbles around the rim of the glass, and fully confirmed by the bouquet with dominant balsamic and resinous notes. Hints of dried fruit, floral honey, baked apples, and roasted nuts can also be detected. In the mouth, mineral, rich, still youthfully fresh, with a nice harmony of acid and alcohol, emphasizing the fullness of the body with its warmth. The tannins are quite smooth and allow for a long aftertaste during which warm balsamic notes return, including caramel, vanilla and cinnamon.

A wine for strong, spicy dishes, lamb and goat skewers, grilled meat, roasted suckling piglet, liver pâté, as well as for pasta with a rich meat sauce, for example the one that can be prepared from local »markandela« or »kožarica« sausages. For oily freshwater fish and for lobster claws, for mussels or shrimps in buzara sauce and goulash with tripe.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020

Jakot Artwork

Its color resembles an alloy of gold and copper and reveals the prolonged maceration of the grapes. The slow creeping of the drops announces a wine of high extraction, and its bouquet takes us directly to the vineyars, to the scent of the opoka (local flysch soil) after a short summer downpour. Soon after, floral notes open up, mainly flowering bushes from the forest edge, but also dried fruits, all the way up to pineapple. In the mouth, we are surprised by the extraordinary interweaving, in fact, the balance of mineral salinity, acids and alcohol, the smooth contributions of longer maceration and maturation in oak barrels, and the preserved freshness that continues into the long aftertaste.

By its soul and vine, Jakot is the successor of the once locally most popular wine "Brda Tokaj" and is therefore an excellent companion to many local dishes, from spring herb egg omelette to sausage cooked in wine and salami stew, various minestrones, but also for breaded chicken and similar "dressed" pieces of meat, for stews, risottos and barely risottos, cream soups, grilled vegetables and similar dishes.

Vintage currently on sale: 2020
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