The simplest edition of our fresh and light wines, available on the market in a 1.5 liter bottle. ​These are wines from younger vineyards and vintages, the grapes of which are not suitable for longer maturation in oak barrels.

The varietal composition, as well as climatic and soil characteristics in which they are produced make these wines harmonious, dry, fresh and light. Definitely high-quality wines, perfect to pair with simpler dishes.


A wine golden amber in color with ripe-fruit bouquet. Quite fresh, easy-to-drink and round, with a long aftertaste. Definitely a high-quality wine for every day and every occasion.

We offer it chilled at 10 - 1˚C with roasted vegetables, grilled sardines, roast pork, young cheeses.


Light crimson color. Nice fruity and balanced bouquet. In the mouth it is very tasty, pleasant and easy to drink. Very suitable for everyday consumption.​

We offer it chilled at 12 - 16˚C with roasted lamb, cherry strudel, homemade sausages.

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