The Curioso was recently released as an intermediate between simple line and the Kristancic line. It contains light, fresh wines, made from grapes from younger vineyards.

With using low temperatures it gives us a result that we are looking for in Curioso wines - Variety of aromas. Dry, fresh wines with elegant body and minerality, that can be drunk on many occasions. ​

Curioso white

The wine is full of character, rounded on the palate and has a characteristic bouquet. The complex aromas of pure candied fruit and lemon excite. The golden yellow color and rich fruit flavor with the right amount of acidity express the freshness, lightness and harmony of the wine with a long finish.

We offer it chilled to 10-12 ˚C. We recommend it with seafood, turkey, veal or beef steak, grilled squid, Greek salad, Niš salad and fish carpaccio.

Curioso red

A crimson red wine with a seductive bouquet of black fruits and plums, as well as a slight hint of wood, resulting from the one-year meaturation in 500-liter oak barrels. Characterized by a beautiful fruitiness, it has a full, lively taste with a gentle aftertaste of tannins, which round off the harmony of the wine with a long finish.

We offer it chilled at 14-18˚C with dry meat cuts, roast pork, potato gnocchi in venison sauce, roast lamb, white mould cheeses, baked beans.

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