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Winery Kristančič respects your privacy and we will carefully protect your personal data in accordance with the legislation governing the protection of personal data (EU Regulation 2016/679, the current Act on the Protection of Personal Data, Privacy Policy of our website). On the website, we carry out all activities for the protection and ethical handling of your personal data, as described below.

Meaning of terms

The owner and operator of the website is the Krč winery (Dušan and Marko Kristančič, Medana 29, 5212 Dobrovo). In this text, it appears several times in the first person plural (we, us, our...).

Since the processing of personal data by the controller does not include regular and systematic extensive monitoring of individuals and since the controller does not process special types of personal data and/or data related to criminal convictions and misdemeanors, the controller will not appoint a special authorized person for data protection.

A visitor or user of the website is any person who visits the said website. In the text, the visitor is addressed several times in the second person singular or plural (you, your, you, your...).

The data processor is the company Kodnes.

What data do we collect?

When you sign up for our e-newsletter or fill out a contact form, you enter your first and last name, e-mail address, phone number into the system - in short, data that enables possible further communication.

For what purpose do we collect personal data?

The purpose of collecting business data on the website is of a business nature, namely by filling out the form you can submit a request for a wine tasting / visit to the wine shop, purchase of our wines or other questions. We collect your data based on your express consent, in accordance with the guidelines of the European GDPR directive.

All collected data is collected for the purpose of answering your inquiries. Since the processing of this information is necessary for the performance of the service itself, the processing of this data can already be carried out on the basis of the fact that you are entering into a contractual relationship with us (legal interest). If you do not wish to provide us with this information, we cannot send you an offer or enter into a contract with you.

Personal data retention period

The provided personal data will be stored and used only as long as it is necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was processed. After fulfilling the purpose of the processing, we will delete your personal data from all records.

How we protect your personal data

We always provide only content and information. We never ask for credit card numbers or other information that could be misused by cybercriminals.

The website is hosted on a secure web server and is subject to regular security checks (malware scanning). We use your personal data exclusively for the purpose of receiving inquiries and do not market or pass it on to third parties, except for partners who help us maintain the website and who are committed to protecting personal data under the same conditions as our winery.

In exceptional cases, we may, in accordance with the law, forward your personal data to state and security authorities, if they would make an official request to forward personal data.

Your rights:

In accordance with the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data, it provides you with the following rights in relation to the protection of personal data:
– access to your personal data,
– update or correcting your personal data,
– deletion of your personal data that we store,
- you request that we stop using your data or restrict their processing,
– you request that the data be transferred to another operator in machine-readable form,
– you object to the processing of personal data,
- unsubscribe from our company's e-newsletter. If you want to do any of the above, please let us know via email We will carefully consider your request and give you an answer within 30 days of receiving the request.

We reserve the right to change and adapt the subject Privacy Policy at our own discretion and if necessary at any time to actual conditions and legislation in the field of personal data protection. For this reason, we ask you to check the current version before each transmission of personal data, so that you are aware of possible changes and additions.

Use of cookies

– What are cookies?
They are text files that allow you to keep the settings you have already used when you visit the website again (eg one-time login without re-entering the username and password). Most websites use cookies. With this, the site offers a better user experience, and with the help of the obtained statistical data, we offer better and more relevant content.

For greater transparency of the use of cookies that you confirm, we have written them in a table, added a clear purpose and duration. In doing so, we take into account the law and regulations, especially the Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette No. 109/2012; hereinafter ZEKom-1).

 What are essential cookies?
These are those cookies that must be transmitted in order for the website to function properly and for the user to have the best possible user experience. The first are cookies that enable the correct functionality and operation of the site (e.g. PHPSESSID). They enable security and performance to be ensured. The second are cookies (e.g. wordpress_HASH) that provide a service that users explicitly request, i.e. login and registration.

Cookie nameDescriptionDuration
PHPSESSIDCMS session information cookieSession
wordpress_HASHCookie for administration area access and authorizationSession
wordpress_logged_in_HASHCookie that stores information about logged in usersSession
WordPress_cookieCookie that checks if browser supports cookies or notSession

– Cookies for which we need your explicit permission
These are those that help us to keep the site up to date, provide relevant and useful information and enable you to use our website in conjunction with social networks. The first are cookies related to the monitoring of statistics. The statistics we obtain are not linked to the IP of your computer and are collected anonymously. It can be used to improve the content on the website and to obtain statistical information that allows us to tailor the website to your needs. We use the statistics for our own purposes only. Other cookies are related to advertising. We collect these for our own statistics and for a third party. Third cookies are cookies linked to social network plugins, e.g. Facebook Like window.

 Cookie nameDescriptionDuration
Website traffice analysis (Google Analytics)utmaWebsite statistics cookies, owned by Google Inc. / Alphabet Inc.2 years
utmb30 minutes
utmcSession cookies
utmz6 months


If you would like further clarification regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Medana, 13th April 2023

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