Pavó Cristatus contains a combination of Rebula and Pinot White.
It is a sparkling wine, that perfectly combines freshness with mature character.

Pavó Cristatus

The colour is gentle yellow with light golden shades. In the glass, the foam develops well and together with fine sparkling bubbles proves that you are drinking wine that was ripening for a long time on fine lees. White flower, citrus, white peach notes and aroma of the bread crust stand out on the nose. On the palate it is fresh and fleshy, leaving a long, balanced and pleasant aftertaste.

The Cristatus is an elegant vintage sparkling wine that satisfies both lovers of fresh and slightly more complex wines.

This wine can liven up any get-together with canapés and asparagus or some other tempura vegetables, while keeping its place on the table even with more elaborate dishes such as sushi, sashimi, sea bass tartar, and the even more challenging raw shrimp tails, oysters, rice with peas (rice-bizi) and strawberries.

Trenutno v prodaji letnik: 2016
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